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What is BHP?

Who is BHP?

 "The Movie Makers"

What can I expect next from BHP?


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*warning: not recommended to contact any of us. 

Name: Andrew Simpson
Base of Operations:  Memphis, TN
Status:  Founder, special effects director, actor and writer, prophet, sage, philosopher, and harbinger of ultimate doom and apocalyptic destruction.
Origin: Andy stumbled into the BHP offices one day, filthy as hell and flailing madly at anyone that approached him.  Any attempt at communication was met with animal-like grunting, so we just figured he was a sasquatch or an unfrozen neanderthal.  He calmed down a bit when we showed him the flame of a Zippo lighter and various other shiny metal objects.  Try as we might, though, we were unable to make him leave.  After a while, though, he started to fit right in.  He stopped making fires with bits of broken furniture and even learned how to use the toilet.  Eventually, he learned the nuances of spoken communication and writing, but he's still more likely to carry on conversations by grunting.  Anyhow, after he started helping out with the special effects and various other tasks, we even put him on a payroll of raw meat and shiny beads.  We'd like to think he's never been happier.
Weight: 305 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Sex: Pinnacle of masculinity (let me dream, guys)
Hobbies: Movies, sleeping, the web page you're currently looking at, howling at the moon, chasing cars,  making doilies
Favorite Big Hurt Endeavor:surviving the Venetian Head incident
Current Projects: Success of BHP, earning cash, getting my mack on, The Thing About Luck, and Darth Kabuki