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What is BHP?

Who is BHP?

 "The Movie Makers"

What can I expect next from BHP?


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     What is BHP? And why do they hurt so very much?
BHP stands for Big Hurt Productions, and it means exactly that. We are a small (but by no means weak) video production group based in Memphis, TN, with holdings in Madison, WI, St. Louis, MO and Chicago, IL.  Our ragtag band of freedom fighters focus on the creation of digital works for free distribution on the Internet.  We believe that the growing availability of broadband will cultivate the film industry's growing presence on the web, and lead to our eventual world domination. We are young, rash, petulant, and a growing force in the cinematic industry. Fear us. Love us.

Incidently we have no clue who the short guy in the background is.